Factory Direct Order


Welcome to a whole new experience in Factory Direct Order furniture shopping!  We provide you with access to manufacturer web-catalogs so you can browse and buy from us at the lowest price.  This unbeatable price is possible because we have minimized our overhead with no storefront expenses.  Browse inventory from the manufacturer that regular consumers can’t access. Take all the time you like to browse from the comfort of your own home.  Don’t worry about rushing to the showroom before closing, just shop with us 24hrs/day, everyday.  We offer a bigger selection than any Las Vegas furniture store without salespeople following you around looking for a commission.  And best of all, the price you pay will be the LOWEST anywhere.

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How to Order:

Step # 1: Click on any manufacturer logo below to visit their website, feel free to browse the entire product catalog. Remember to write down the item name, number or take a picture! Then inbox us by using our website contact form or email us at Contact@neverpayretailfurniture.com

Step # 2 :  We will response to you with a lowest possible quoted price for your item on the same day.

Step # 3 :  If you decide to purchase the item at the quoted price, we will send you a Paypal invoice via email.  After your payment is received, the item will be ordered and delivered to your home  within 3-7 business days.